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About Jeri


Jeri Castronova was born and raised in Southern California. She wrote her first story, ‘Sinbad the Sailor,’ in the second grade. Since then, she has written short stories, newsletters, scripts, songs, poetry, an off-Broadway musical titled I Am Woman, and a dissertation on Energy Healing and Back Pain.

She has presented professional papers at national and international psychology conventions. While on staff at Camarillo State Hospital and Napa State Hospital in CA, she began a nonfiction book that included case studies of her psychiatric patients, as well as her own spiritual experiences. The package—book, workbook, and video—are used in her workshops. She has been interviewed on radio and TV, and appears at women’s expos, psychic fairs, book festivals, and community organizations.

Jeri is a member of the American Psychological Association, past President of Prescott Writers and is currently on the Board of the Arizona Authors Association. Her artistic skills include oil and acrylic paintings, with art exhibited in Sedona galleries and at the Sedona Visual Artists annual show in November at Tlaquepaque.

Travels for fun, culture, history, pleasure, and exploration of timeline memories have included these fascinating places: Italy, France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Crete, Mexico, Yucatan, Canada, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Hawaii, and the U.S.

Jeri’s travels and research all over the world have shown there are similar historical structures and writings that show a belief in a Divine Goddess who brought balance into the lives of humans. This all changed thousands of years ago when the Goddess was thrust into the shadows by the patriarchal cultures and religions.

The Divine Feminine has been missing from global mythologies since Lemuria sank beneath the waves of the Pacific. She has emerged at various times of our history, only to have her loving power quashed in such a way that women instinctively knew the goddess had to remain hidden, in order to be resurrected at the Divine Right Time – THAT TIME IS NOW!

Humans are awakening and enthusiastically want equality and freedom in the world. The symbols of the goddess are the circle and the spiral. They are found on ancient structures and hidden tombs. These symbols are known as The Game Board.

Jeri’s new book, The Goddess and The Game Board, has been called The New Genesis. She was given the assignment by the Goddess Isis at the beginning of 2012 to write a Guide Book for the Golden Age.

The New Reality is not just about the physical changes of earth or the higher vibrations, it is also about lifting the veils that have been covering the Truth for so many eons, keeping humans from their true history.

The Game Board of Human Existence is an ancient method of achieving one’s True Self through the mastery of karmic completion, spiritual growth, releasing emotional blocks, body healing, and learning the Truth about the planet and where we came from. Jeri speaks on these topics, and more, using power point to enhance the visuals and spark interest in these fascinating topics.

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  A Message from Yeshua Greetings to my Beloved Sisters and Brothers: You all have been working very diligently toward your star seed and light workers mission of becoming your True Self and engaging others to awaken to the possibilities of their truth. There is an old saying that those who test the waters are those who fall in. So does that mean don’t test the waters no matter how much you want to learn the truth? No, it simply means only the courageous even attempt to learn what the waters have to teach them. Falling in is a matter of not knowing balance and awareness of the water’s depth, its temperature, its saline, its clarity, its inhabitants, and its purity. You, my Beloveds, are the wise courageous testers who are uncovering all these aspects of the water as you learn your truth. Some of you have stopped treading water. Now you have faith when the water carries you into unknown depths and breathtaking heights of new vibrations and inner wisdom. This new month has been

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  A Message from Isis              In the mystery schools, each initiate learned the clearing techniques which enabled them to raise their vibration and maintain it daily. All those trained in these methods used them for the good of the nation and each individual’s evolvement. Once learned and perfected, the initiates went out into the communities and taught the people how to use it in their work and personal lives.               They began with clearing the area of work and home. This is a new version of the powerful ancient technique.               Use concentric circles. Visualize yourself in the center as you feel light from the Great Central Sun enter the top of your head and move downward into the center of the earth. Then extend the light outward from your heart, as a stone is thrown in water and concentric circles ripple outward. Begin with your home. Say out loud: I COMMAND ALL NEGATIVE EXTRATERRIALS, TERRESTRIALS, AND ALL DARK ENERGIES BE GONE FROM MY AREA OF INFLUENCE NOW AN


  On the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse the last week in May several years ago, I was privileged to be a speaker at James Tyberonn’s Earth-Keepers Crystalline Stargate Conference. Then, as now, this eclipse is a time of transition and completion when we feel inspired to take action on a new idea or plan. The Buddhists call this sacred time WESAK—the date the Buddha achieved enlightenment. Archangel Metatron and the Ascended Masters were present, the veils were thinned, and clarity was enhanced. This is an excerpt from my presentation in which Mary Magdalene asked that her message be included, directed to those in the ballroom and viewing livestream, and now on facebook. Her message is part of the karmic completions of many people and leads to full awakening of consciousness of those still asleep. “After my Beloved returned from Egypt, he brought the sacred crystal given him by the priests after his initiation in the Great Pyramid. They told him it was one of three crystal orbs recorded with t