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Message from Isis

  A Message from Isis              In the mystery schools, each initiate learned the clearing techniques which enabled them to raise their vibration and maintain it daily. All those trained in these methods used them for the good of the nation and each individual’s evolvement. Once learned and perfected, the initiates went out into the communities and taught the people how to use it in their work and personal lives.               They began with clearing the area of work and home. This is a new version of the powerful ancient technique.               Use concentric circles. Visualize yourself in the center as you feel light from the Great Central Sun enter the top of your head and move downward into the center of the earth. Then extend the light outward from your heart, as a stone is thrown in water and concentric circles ripple outward. Begin with your home. Say out loud: I COMMAND ALL NEGATIVE EXTRATERRIALS, TERRESTRIALS, AND ALL DARK ENERGIES BE GONE FROM MY AREA OF INFLUENCE NOW AN

If You Want to Change the World

Messages from Yeshua Everyone today seems to be asking: How did the world get in this mess? Then they ask: What can I do about it? It took a long time for the world to get in this terrible situation which some say has now led to a possible world war. Be assured there will be no world war or any nuclear bombs dropping anywhere on earth. The second question is easier to answer. There are many things you can do—mainly having to do with your response to what is happening wherever you are in your life’s history. Ask yourself—not what can I do, but what do I want? If you want to change the world, begin by changing yourself. Open your heart to yourself and allow your intuitive being to consider possibilities in your power that can be changed. You can begin with small steps that are doable every day. Think of five things you want and write them down. Then write down practical steps to bring them into your life. That may mean leaving a relationship that is not in your best interests, changing a

Returning to the Full Majesty of the Divine Feminine

Messages From Yeshua Greetings Sisters and Brothers: On this most powerful day of the Feminine, we honor her reappearance by the final retreat of the dark. We all know this is the last phase of the dark ones managing the world’s governments. They are out of money and trying every legal and illegal way to continue to keep their minions on the payroll, those who are spying, misinforming, and corrupting the truth. They will fail at everything they try to promote, including runaway inflation, bank bail-ins, arresting trucker convoys, and another war. You, my light warriors, have grown emotionally and evolved spiritually in the past few years. The waves of energies coming onto the earth are bringing new awareness of your innate powers of survival in the light and what you can do to enhance the revival of Gaia. My last message about the new Timeline of Light is awakening many more to their birthright of sovereignty. Darkness cannot exist in the light. Remember to call on me, your angels, and

Timeline of Light

Messages from Yeshua These messages are downloaded by Ascended Master Yeshua. He is currently asking that I send them out on various sites to reach those who are seeking help from the Divine Realms in this most challenging of times on earth. Thank you for sharing these words. Message From Yeshua: Timeline of Light  There is a wave of clashing forces sweeping the earth at this time which you all are very aware of to one measure less or more. Those of sensitive natures and open hearts can feel it on a non-conscious level and may not understand its true purpose. With the new year a shift has occurred that has intensified all energies bringing forth a new Timeline of Light. We see this chaotic display of duality all across Gaia being played out by those who believe they still have the power of oppression. The human ego knows no bounds. We mean the ego that demands control of minds and manipulation of all areas of life.  Many higher-ups have been arrested, leaving only their minions and und

Welcome to the New Planes of Consciousness

Messages from Yeshua My message today is a simple one, yet not so simple to do. Many people ask if the world is going back to the way it was before this soul illness swept across the lands. I ask you: would you really want to return to corruption, greed, and fear in high and low places? I hear the prayers and pleas of everyone who yearns for a better life.  A better life means to some, more money, more fame, more cars. To others it means better schools, better security for their women and children, less oppression by their government, better air to breathe, less pollution, and on and on. Whether you are homeless or live in a mansion, your spirit resides in the presence of God, and you only have to open to that awareness in order to believe you are a child of the light. Have you forgotten your soul’s destiny? Have you forgotten where you came from? Have you forgotten where you are going? Have you forgotten that you CHOSE to be here? Yes, this is a difficult time to be on earth. I know w

Finding Gratitude in Whatever You Are Doing

Messages from Yeshua As we sat on the porch several days ago a beautiful rainbow appeared to circle the sun. What a blessing to receive this message at the same time. Message from Yeshua   It is a pleasure to sit with you on the front porch with the sun in our faces. And yes, I can feel the warmth and the light of the great orb. Even though I do not have a physical form, I do feel the sensation that humans do when it comes to enjoying the simple pleasure of relaxing in the sun, whether on the beach, in the mountains, or anywhere the light shines out bringing its energizing vibrations for healing and health. You, my friend, and others who find it hard to sit and do nothing at this time of year can be envied by those in the colder regions. Of course they are enjoying the snow and skiing.  Today’s message is one of finding gratitude in whatever it is you are doing – working at home, on the job, playing at home or at the park with the children, creating a beautiful project, or learning som

Earth's Future Looks Bright

Messages from Yeshua To Everyone a Bright and Happy New Year.  I have been receiving messages from the Masters for many years with inclusion in my books and lectures.  Here is a New Year’s Message I received from Yeshua. Beloved Sisters and Brothers: Out of the chaotic year that just ended, we are pleased at the remarkable progress you have made despite the overwhelming circumstances that could have been the undoing of many. I will not dwell on the undoing, rather the doing of all you have accomplished in spite of the dark energies that seemed to be multiplying in all areas. We can assure you that much darkness has been taken off the planet. The duality that has existed for so long, even when I walked the earth, is decreasing while people are waking up to the truth of their existence. I bid you please to come out of your shells and look around at what is happening in the world. It may not be to your liking, but many times truth is not. You have seen the manipulations and lies, and now

Who Is The Babe In The Manger?

Messages from Yeshua I received this Christmas Message from Yeshua that is a new spin on Who is the babe in the manger? The sparkling star in the night sky proclaimed the magical child who would appear to all who expected him. They waited until the light moved across the darkness to show them the way. There were the humble shepherds and the exalted wise men. They who followed the light were all equal. No wealthy, no poor, no color, no gender. All with loving hearts were drawn to that light that shown like a brilliant ship from space that came from afar to herald this sacred event. As then, so it is now. We gather in peace and joy to view the one born in the manger welcoming all into his presence. The smiling eyes reflect a sense of knowing wisdom into our eyes, that this is no ordinary babe, as we are no ordinary beings. We listen to the voice of our Inner Truth that speaks to us only when we are ready to hear. It says, Look closely at the babe, my beloved, and behold yourself. You are

A Gift from Mary Magdalene

  A GIFT FROM MARY MAGDALENE Jeri Castronova, PhD On the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse the last week in May, I was privileged to be a speaker at James Tyberonn's Earth-Keepers Crystalline Stargate Conference in Scottsdale and Sedona. The Buddhists call this sacred time WESAK-the date the Buddha achieved enlightenment.  Archangel Metatron called this time the most powerful energy of 2013. The Angelic Realm and Ascended Masters were present, the veils were thinned, and clarity was enhanced. This is an excerpt from my presentation in which Mary Magdalene asked that a message be included, directed to those 450 present in the ballroom, the masses viewing livestream and video, and reading transcripts. Her message is part of the karmic completions of many people and leads to full awakening of consciousness. "After my beloved returned from Egypt, he brought the sacred crystal given him by the priests after his initiation in the Great Pyramid. They told him it was one of three crystal orbs r

EGYPT: New Dawn in an Old Land

EGYPT: New Dawn in an Old Land Reflections on a Pilgrim's Journey Out of the chaos of modern Cairo came a new light into the lives of its people. The hands reached out to us. We thought they wanted baksheesh—tips, or handouts—for whatever service or ware they offered. We soon realized they were reaching for something else, something that had no monetary value—they reached for our light. With palms laid open, they wanted us to place upon them a new coin of the realm—whatever it was we brought with us that would make their lives easier in some way—an Egyptian pound, an American dollar, a smile, a blessing, or a moment of hope. They grabbed it in gratitude and desperation. Before we left on our trip with Archangel Metatron and James Tyberonn's Earth-Keeper group, I had a dream of empty hands thrusting themselves toward me, reaching out for alms, no body attached, only brown arms with tiny hands, delicate hands, and coarse hands, all somehow connected to me, my family, my friends,

Discovery in Sedona

Discovery in Sedona Jeri Castronova, PhD The Discovery Channel arrived this week in Sedona to film one of six episodes on the UFO phenomenon and whether there is a government cover-up. Duh!... At a meeting in which the producer and staff asked a group of 30 Sedonans if they had any experiences with sightings, 95% raised their hands. When asked if they had any face-to-face or on-board experiences, a few hands went up. When asked if they believed the government was involved in a cover-up everyone raised their hands. Probably no other place is as likely to have flyovers as Sedona, especially now. The sightings have increased purportedly because the galactics want to dispel any fear the public still has. They reported last year that they would show themselves more, and indeed they have. The film company is not from the U.S. It's the British Discovery channel and the program will be part of Animal Kingdom TV airing in June and July. Rumor has it there's a military base back in the S

7 Crystal Cities of Light

  CRYSTAL CITIES OF LIGHT: Stargates of the Global Renaissance  The crystalline Cities of Light have been heralded for many centuries as the coming Age of Enlightenment. These cities once existed on earth as gifts of the alien beings who created them for humanity. As humans misused their knowledge, Atlantis and Lemuria disappeared into the depths, existing today only in our memories. The benevolent aliens are returning to earth to aid in our Shift in Consciousness along with rebirthing the Divine Feminine.  The prototype City chosen long ago was Sedona, Arizona. Over the past few decades the aliens have installed a multidimensional dome above the city. It cannot be seen with physical eyes. As humans raise their vibrations the city will be seen with the radiant dome. Those who come to Sedona for healing will be amazed at the Heaven on Earth that has been created. The benevolent aliens are instrumental in bringing new technology, new healing methods, and new governance to every nation. T

6 Awakening Our Forgotten Wisdom

(Excerpt from my power point presentation, “Gnostic Gospels: Awakening our Forgotten Wisdom” presented at an Earth-keepers Conference) AWAKENING OUR FORGOTTEN WISDOM I’ve always loved mysteries. Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, the Vatican. All my life I’ve searched for lost wisdom, hidden knowledge—Truth. I suspect you have too – that’s why you’re here.  There’s a growing revolution sweeping the planet, or maybe it’s our DNA encodings just waking up, that tell us - something’s coming! … something grand that will return to us something we lost long ago. Do we go on a Hero’s Journey to find it? Or stay still and go within? For millennia the Hero’s Journey enabled cultures to live out their valiant values in such a way that women were ignored. If they weren’t, there would be equity in the world and abuse against women and children would not exist.  Women have learned over the past 8,000 years to keep the Feminine aspect of Creator alive, yet hidden. Now, we’ve reached a poin