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Returning to the Full Majesty of the Divine Feminine

Messages From Yeshua

Greetings Sisters and Brothers:

On this most powerful day of the Feminine, we honor her reappearance by the final retreat of the dark. We all know this is the last phase of the dark ones managing the world’s governments. They are out of money and trying every legal and illegal way to continue to keep their minions on the payroll, those who are spying, misinforming, and corrupting the truth. They will fail at everything they try to promote, including runaway inflation, bank bail-ins, arresting trucker convoys, and another war.

You, my light warriors, have grown emotionally and evolved spiritually in the past few years. The waves of energies coming onto the earth are bringing new awareness of your innate powers of survival in the light and what you can do to enhance the revival of Gaia. My last message about the new Timeline of Light is awakening many more to their birthright of sovereignty. Darkness cannot exist in the light. Remember to call on me, your angels, and your spirit guides for help.

You are never alone. These high vibration energies can be downloaded into your field as you heal yourself and others to bring joy and peace onto the earth.

I feel your suffering and hear your pleas for an end to this chaos. I know what you are going through. My life on earth was at a different time, but difficult in a similar way. The Romans didn’t care about religions in their territories unless there was a threat to the emperor. I endured the betrayal of, not only a close friend, but many friends. Many didn’t like what I said or did. The Sanhedrin knew the prophecies and began making lists of lies about our gatherings and healings. They knew John was the foretold forerunner. He challenged Herod as being a non-jew and brought the wrath of the authorities down on him. Yet he continued to baptize unto the end those seeking the ‘new way.’

Our gatherings were attended by many who were open to hearing the truth of improving their inner lives through the blessings of our God and Goddess. Yes, I taught the ways of the Goddess and the feminine source of intuition and healing. We had many women followers, including the wives of the apostles, who also ministered to those needing relief from physical ailments. This and much of my life events were left out of the gospels by the later translations. We will uncover more of the hidden story of that lifetime in future messages.

Now, Beloveds, we are returning to the full majesty of the Divine Feminine.

Your loving brother,


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