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If You Want to Change the World

Messages from Yeshua

Everyone today seems to be asking: How did the world get in this mess? Then they ask: What can I do about it?

It took a long time for the world to get in this terrible situation which some say has now led to a possible world war. Be assured there will be no world war or any nuclear bombs dropping anywhere on earth.

The second question is easier to answer. There are many things you can do—mainly having to do with your response to what is happening wherever you are in your life’s history. Ask yourself—not what can I do, but what do I want?

If you want to change the world, begin by changing yourself. Open your heart to yourself and allow your intuitive being to consider possibilities in your power that can be changed. You can begin with small steps that are doable every day.

Think of five things you want and write them down. Then write down practical steps to bring them into your life. That may mean leaving a relationship that is not in your best interests, changing a job to one that suits your capabilities, moving to a new location that aligns with your energetic priorities, returning to classes for upgrading your education, volunteering at the homeless shelters, helping the elderly, abused children, homeless animals, and maintaining food banks.

You have many opportunities to change your life and raise the vibration of earth as you raise your own energetic vibration, creating more health, more joy, and more love in your life.

Help is not far away. Remember to use all your resources. Talk with those you trust, including your spirit guides and angels. They cannot interfere unless you ask.

We are with you as you maneuver through the challenges of being on earth at this time in history.

Your loving brother,


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